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Lawrence "Larry" pej [2] (born 26 March 1973) is an American computer scientist and industrialist who collaborated with Sergey Brin to Google Inc. Co-established They are often known as "Google Guys". According to Forbes, he is currently the 24th richest person in the world, with a total personal property of US $ 17.5 billion in 2010.

Early life and education

pej was born in a Jewish family in East Lansing, Michigan. His parents were professor of computer science at Michigan State University. During an interview, pej said that "His house was generally disrupted, in which computers and popular science magazines were scattered everywhere." His charm to the computer began at the age of six, when he found "play with scattered things around." He was the "first child of his elementary school, who completed a certain task by word processor." His elder brother also taught him to open things, and soon he "began to open all the things in the house to see how they work." He said, "At the very young age, I also felt that I want to invent things, so in reality, I started taking interest in technology ... and business.

From pej 1975 to 1979 Okemos used to go to Okmos Montessori School of Michigan (now called Montessori Radmoor) and he graduated from East Lansing High School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Master's degree in computer science from Stanford University. During the course of his studies at the University of Michigan, "pej created an inkjet printer from a Lego BRICS" (actually a line plotter), he became chairman of HKN in the fall of 1994, and was also a member of the Solar Car Team.

Ph.D. of Computer Science at Stanford University After enrolling in the program, Larry pej was in search of the subject of a dissertation and he considered the link structure of the World Wide Web as a huge graph and explored its mathematical characteristics. His supervisor Terry Winlogad encouraged him to continue working on this idea, which later in the day, pej remembered as "the best advice I received". pej then focused on the problem of finding out which web pejs link to a given pej, under which they considered the number and nature of such backlinks valuable information about that pej (academic publication Keeping the role of the parable in mind) In his research project with this "BackRub" surname, one of Stanford's Ph.D. Classmate Sergey Brin also joined soon

Wired magazine co-founder John Batele wrote about the pej that he argued that "the whole web is broadly based on the preface of the parable- after all what is a link other than a parable, if they do not Prepare a method to calculate backlinks and qualify, according to their own words, 'the web will become a more valuable place'. " Battelle further explained how the pej and Brin started working together on the project: 

"The time when the pej envisaged BackRub, at that time in the web, there was an estimated number of 10 million documents with an untold number of links between them. The computing resources required to crawl such a huge monster were far beyond the limit of a student project, without knowing where they were going to walk. Started building crawler.
"The complexity and scale of this idea lured Brin to do this work.Ancientist who changed a project after one without stabilizing the subject of a thesis, he found the prelude behind BackRub attractive. Brin says the whole "I talked to several research groups in school and this was the most exciting project for two reasons, one because it is related to the web, which is representative of human knowledge The W and my second because I liked Larry. " 
In fact, in March 1995, Brin and pej's new computer Brin living in the program for two years met. First, during the spring of Ph.D candidates Purwabhimukikrn program some students , Which included pejs, were assigned to show the premises and later they both became good friends.

To convert backlink data collected by BackRub's web crawler into a critical level for a given web pej, pej and Brin developed a pejRank algorithm and realized that in the creation of more advanced search engines than the current search engines It can be used. It was based on a new technology that used to analyze the relevance of backlinks linking a web pej to another web pej. In August 1996, the initial version of Google was made available, still on the Stanford University Web site.


Main article: Google and History of Google In 
1998, Brin and pej submitted Google Inc. Established. Prior to joining Eric Schmidt as Google's President and CEO in 2001, pej collaborated with Brin as Google's co-chairman. Both pej and Brin make a dollar as annual compensation.

private life

pej married Lucinda Southworth on Richard Branson's Caribbean island, Necker Island on December 8, 2007. [13] [14] Brin and pej are the executive producers of the film Broken Arrows. In 2004, he and Sergey Brin were named "Persons of the Week" by ABC World News Tonight. 

Larry pej made his statement at the inaugural ceremony of the University of Michigan in 2009, when he also received an honorary doctorate of engineering.

Other interests

pej is an active investor investing in alternative energy companies like Tesla Motors, who developed a 220-mile (350 km) battery-powered electric vehicle called Tesla Roadster. They are committed to renewable energy technology, and with the help of, Google's philanthropic hand promotes adoption of plug-in hybrid electric cars and other alternative energy investments.

Awards and recognition

In 2003, both Brin and pej were honored with an MBA degree by "IE Business School" for organizing entrepreneurial spirit and motivating the creation of new businesses .... And in 2004, he received the Marconi Foundation Award, which is the "highest award of engineering", and he was elected Fellow of Marconi Foundation at Columbia University. "Announcing his selection, Foundation's President John J. Icelin congratulated both of them for his invention, which has radically changed the way the information is retrieved today." They joined the "32 selected cadres of the world's most influential communication technology pioneers ..." In 2005, Brin and pej were elected members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The World Economic Forum named the pej as the Global Leader for Tomorrow, and the X Prize chose pej as a trustee of its board. PC Magazine praised Google as one of the top 100 web sites and search engines (1998) and 1999 awarded Google Technical Excellence Award for Innovative Web Application Development. In 2000, Google won a Webby Award, a People's Voice Award for technical achievement, and in 2001 with the Search Engine Award for Best Search Service, Best Image Search Engine, Best Design, More Webmaster Friendly Search Engine, and Best Search Feature " 

During the 2009 class initial ceremonial exercise, Larry pej received his Honorary Degree of the Doctorate from the University of Michigan on 2 May 2009. Convinced

Despite his one dollar compensation per year, he was ranked 26th in the Forbes list of world's billionaires in 2009 and the 11th richest person in America. 

In 2009, Brin and pej were placed fifth in "Forbes"'s "The World's Most Powerful People".

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