Sunil Mittal

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Birth: 23 October 1957

Business / Post /: Founder and President of Bharti Group

Sunil Bharti Mittal is an Indian industrialist, social worker and Chairman of Airtel, India's largest telecom company. His name is included in the world's number of telecom entrepreneurs. Sunil's company Bharti Airtel is one of the largest telephone companies in the world, whose business spreads in almost 19 countries. Airtel GSM mobile service also provides internet broadband services along with nearly 20 million subscribers. Sunil has achieved this success through his hard work, true passion and vision.

early life

Sunil was born in 1957 in Ludhiana district of Punjab. His father Satpal Mittal was a politician and had been twice a member of Parliament from Lok Sabha and once from the Rajya Sabha. His early education was from Winnburg Allen School of Mussoorie and later from Scindia School of Gwalior. In the year 1976, he received a bachelor's degree from Punjab University. Sunil says that he did not have any particular interest in studying in his childhood and he wanted to establish his own business.


At the age of 18, he started his business. Together with his friends, he started a small bicycle business with only Rs 20,000 and firstly started making bicycle parts for Braj Mohan Munjal's hero bicycle company. After this he felt that this business could not be bigger and together with his brothers, he established the 'Bharti Overseas Trading Company'. He sold his bicycle and other businesses and moved to Mumbai. In the year 1981, he bought "import license" from exporters of Punjab and then started working on the sale of portable generators imported from Japan. With this business he got much experience in marketing and sales of goods. Gradually, this business got settled and everything started moving well, but a policy change of the government stalled their business overnight. This license was the period of Raj and the government banned import of the generator
From this incident, Sunil took the lesson that whenever such an opportunity comes, he will be ready to seize it and in 1992 this opportunity came when the government was distributing licenses for the first time mobile phone service. Sunil grabbed that opportunity and there is all the history in front of it. 
Prior to 1992, Sunil had set up Bharti Telecom Limited (BTL) in 1986 and signed agreement with Germany's AG Siemens Company to manufacture push button phones. Gradually he expanded his business and till the 1990s, Sunil's company was making fax machines, cordless phones and other telecommunications equipment.
In the year 1992, Government of India started licensing for mobile phone services for the first time; Sunil Mittal received cellular license in Delhi along with some other areas in collaboration with French telecom group Vivendi. In 1995, Sunil Mittal established Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL) to offer cellular services and started operations under the Airtel brand. Soon, Airtel became the first telecom company to cross 2 million mobile subscribers figures. After this Bharti Cellular Limited started India's first private national and international long distance / STD / ISD telephone service called "IndiaWin".
In the year 2008-2009, Bharti Telecom tried to acquire a telecom group "MTN" located in South Africa, but despite several rounds of negotiations, no agreement was reached between the two companies. Some sources believe that the South African government probably did not want it, due to this the agreement was not possible. 
In June 2010, under the leadership of Mittal, Bharti Telecom acquired South African Telecom Company "Jain Telecom". One of the biggest ever acquisitions was by any Indian telecom company. 
In 2012, Bharti entered into an agreement with American company Wal-Mart to open retail stores across India but it could not go long and ended in October 2013.
Bharti announced the purchase of "loop mobile" in the year 2014 for around 700 crore but later canceled the deal. In May 2015, the merger of Bharti retail chain 'Ezade' and Future Market 'Big Bazaar' was announced.

Awards and honors

2007: Awarded Padma Bhushan by the Government of India 
, under the NDTV Business Leader Award, he was awarded the "Transforming India Leader" Award. 
He was also honored with the award of GSMA President. 
In 2006, Fortune magazine awarded "Asia Businessman of the Year" 
Voice and Data selected "Telecom Man of the Year" 
in 2006, "CEO of the Year" in Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Award, 2006. 
Best Asian Telecom CEO in Telecom Asia Awards, 2005 
"Best CEO" in India Institutional Investor, 2005 "Philanthropist of the Year" in the 
Economic Times, 2005 "Business Leader of the Year" 
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