Steven Jobs

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Full name - Steven Paul Jobs

Birth - 24 February 1955.

Birthplace - San Francisco, California, USA

Father - Paul Reinhold Jobs

Mother - Clara Jobs

Marriage - Lorraine Powell

Children - Lisa Brennan Jobs, Erin Siena Jobs, Eve Jobs, (Steve Jobs Children)

Steven Paul Jobs  

Steven Paul Jobs is an American industrialist. Most of the time he is known for being the co-founder of Apple Inc., President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has the highest share of Pixar Animation Studios, as well as the Board of Director of The Walt Disney Company, Pixar Animation is included in his own property. He is also the founder of Pixar, Chairman, as well as CEO of Next Investor. Jobs is called the father of the microcomputer revolution in the 1970s. Together with his colleague Steve Vojnik, he founded Apple. Shortly after his death, his life-time biographer Walter Isaacson, told him about that, "He was a creative industrialist, whose intense passion for perfection and the rapid development of 6 professions: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablets Computing and digital publishing continued. "

In 1976, Steve Wozniak invented the Macintosh Apple 1 computer k. When Wozniak showed this job, Jobs suggested to sell it, to sell it, he and Apple started to build Apple Computer in Wogenique Garage. Jobs became co-founder of Apple in 1976 and started selling Apple's personal computer. Apple quickly went ahead and earned money and at the end of the first year became a personal computer maker. Apple became the first largest company to produce personal computers in such a large quantity. In 1979, after the tour of Xerox PARC, Jobs learned, examined the practical needs of Xerox Alto, which later created the mouse and also created the graphical user interface (GUI). Apple Lisa failed in 1983 due to the development of diverse areas in the world. And with the desire to become the first company to produce a computer with a GUI, Apple Laser Printer presented in 1985. Wojes and Jobs went ahead and Apple II presented after Apple I. Which had an additional color support system. Jacobs persuaded an investor to accelerate the development of his company, and his company started to move faster. The golden moment of Apple was turned on. He also went on to produce an animation movie, he worked as a volunteer and producer in the 1995 film Toy Story.

In 1997, Apple bought NeXT, so that he could create jobs in the country, and for this reason he became the re-CEO of NeXT. In early 1997, he began to produce a computer with a new thought that was named "Think Different". Later, he produced many Apple products such as iMac, iTunes, Apple Stores, iPod, iTunes Store iPhone, App Store and iPad. Jobs was working as a CEO in the company in 1997, when in 1998 iMac came into the market, which was a very large-screened opaque shell, and led to Apple's success. Apple created iPod in 2001. Then in 2001 the iTunes Store was built. In 2007, Apple created a mobile phone named iPhone, which was a great success, and today even the iPhone is called the biggest brand.

Steve Jobs Death:

In 2003, he had pancreatic cancer. They did not treat the disease properly. Jobs died at the home of Palo Alto, California on October 5, 2011. Big and big companies like Microsoft and Disney lamented on their demise. In an American magazine he was called "the most powerful man in the industry". 

Apple CEO's former CEO and renowned American businessman Steve Jobs struggled to achieve this position in life. 

Think Different "It was Steve's original mantra. How small a word but with the depth of the word that is so deeply favored, he changed the industry, changed the business model to a new definition. He always believed that if we want to be successful in life, then we will have to learn to walk alone without waiting for anyone.

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