Azeem Premji

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Birth: 24 July 1945, Mumbai

Work area: Indian industrialist, president of Wipro

Azeem Hashim Premji is the president of an Indian industrialist, investor and Indian software company Wipro. He is one of India's richest people and was also the richest person of India from 1999 to 2005. He is a philanthropist and has decided to donate more than half of his wealth in charity. AsiaVic included them in the top 20 influential people of the world, and Time Magazine has included them twice in the world's top 100 influential people. Azim Premji gave Wipro new heights under his leadership and made the company's turnover worth $ 2.5 million to deter $ 7 billion. Today Wipro is considered one of the world's largest software IT companies. Forbes Magazine has included her name in the list of the world's richest people and has given her the title of 'Bill Gates of India'.

early life

Azim Premji was born on July 24, 1945 in a Nizami Ismaili Shia Muslim family of Mumbai. His ancestors were mainly residents of Kutch (Gujarat). His father was a famous businessman and was known as 'Rice King of Burma'. After partition, Mohammad Ali Jinnah had invited his father to come to Pakistan but they decided to stay in India after rejecting him. In 1945, Mohammad Hashim Premji, father of Azim Premji, established 'Western Indian Vegetable Products Limited' in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. This company was producing 'Sunflower Vanaspati' and laundry soap '787'.

His father sent him to Stanford University for engineering studies but unfortunately his father died in the meantime and Azim Premji had to return to India after leaving engineering studies. At that time, his age was only 21 years. 

He came back to India and took over the business of the company and expanded it in the Dososare regions. In the 1980s, young businessman Azim Premji recognized the importance and opportunity of emerging information technology and changed the company name to Wipro. IBM With the removal of the I.T. There was an emptiness in the area, which benefited from the love of Premji. He started making mini-computers in collaboration with American Computer Corporation. Thus they replaced the soap with the I.T. Focused on the area and emerged as a reputed company in this area.

Philanthropic work

In 2001, he founded 'Azim Premji Foundation'. It is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help in the form of quality universal education which is the establishment of a fair, fair, human and congenital society. This foundation works for the progress of primary education in nearly 13 lakh government schools of India. This organization is currently working closely with the governments of Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. In 2010, Azim Premji promised to donate nearly $ 2 billion to improve school education in the country. In India it is the largest donation of its kind. Azim Premji University was also established under the Act of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

'The Giving Pledge'

The 'Giving Pledge' launched by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates is a campaign that encourages the richest people in the world to donate much of their profitable assets to the interests and charity of society. Azim Premji is the first Indian to join. He is the third non-American person after Richard Branson and David Sainsbury. In 2013, he disclosed that he has donated nearly 25 percent of his total assets and 25 percent will be in the next five years.

Awards and honors

Premji is said to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs by Business Week 
, Manipal Academy honored him with honorary doctorate in 2000. In the 
year 2005, the Government of India honored him with Padma Bhushan in 
2006 in the National Industrial Engineering Institute, Mumbai, was honored by the target business visionary them 
from Wesleyan in Middletown them in Connecticut in 2009, the Cambridge University By his outstanding humanitarian was awarded an honorary doctorate for work 
In 2011 he was awarded the second highest civilian honor, the Government of India 'Padma Bhushan' 
Sun was given the 'Economic Times Achievement Award in 2013. 
Sun In 2015, Masore University honored him with an Honorary Doctorate

private life

Azim Premji married Yasmin and the couple has two sons - Rishad and Tariq. Rishad is currently in Wipro's I.T. Business is the 'Chief Strategy Officer'. 

Time Line (Life Events) 

1945: Azim Ramji was born in Mumbai on July 24, 

1966: After his father's death, he returned to India after studying in the US. 

1977: Name changed to 'Wipro Products Limited' in 

1980: Wipro's IT Entry into the field 

1982: The name of the company was changed from 'Wipro Products Limited' to 'Wipro Limited', 

1999-2005: The richest Indian made in 

2001: He founded 'Azim Premji Foundation' 

2004: Time Magazine's World's Top 100 Included in influential people

2010: List of 20 Most Powerful People of Asia in the World Name of the World's 20 Most Powerful People 

2011: Time Magazine has included the world's top 100 influential people in 

2013: Premji donated 25 percent of his wealth and donates an additional 25 percent in the next five years Also announced to

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