World war II

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After the defeat in World War I, Germany had to forcibly sign the treaty of Versailles. Due to this treaty, he had to leave a lot of land for his possession, and to admit not to invade another country, had to limit his army and pay him other countries as compensation for the first World War. Have had

In 1917, after the Civil War in Russia, the Soviet Union was formed under the rule of Joseph Stalin, in 1922, Benito Mussolini's monarchy was established in Italy at the same time.

In 1933, Germany's ruler Adolf Hitler became and soon he started displaying Germany as a powerful military force. France and England were worried about this which had taken a lot of harm in the last fight. Italy was also upset with this because he also felt that Germany would interfere in his work as his dream was to become a powerful military force.

By looking at all these things and protecting themselves, France joined hands with Italy and made a mind to give it to Italy in Ethiopia - which was in its possession. Things got worse in 1935 when Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles and started working on raising his army.

In order to control Germany, England, France and Italy signed a Declaration in Stresa (which is in Italy) in which it stated that the independence of Austria should be upheld and Germany was forced to break the Treaty of Versailles. Should be stopped But the Straša Declaration did not succeed much because common consent between the three states was not made on most things. At the same time, the Soviet Union who was frightened of the motive of capturing a large part of East Germany in Germany, agreed to join hands with France.

In 1935, England, bypassing the treaty of Versailles, reduced the old conditions by signing an independent agreement with Germany. In October 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia, and only Germany considered this invasion to be valid, for which Italy gave Germany its intention to capture Austria. In 1936, when Hitler attempted to re-establish Ra'yanland's fortress again, more objection was not raised. In the same year, when planet war broke out in Spain, Germany and Italy supported the nationalist power of the opposition against the Soviet Union supported Spanish republic. In the midst of the test of new weapons, nationalist forces won the war in 1939.

As time went on, the tension increased and efforts to strengthen themselves were increasing. So Germany and Italy negotiated the Rome-Berlin agreement, and then Germany together with Japan called for an anti-communism antitrust, which was to work together against China and Soviet Union and Italy joined it in 1940.

War started

In 1937, China and Japan were fighting among Marco Poles. After that, Japan attacked China completely. The Soviet Union gave its full support to China. But the Japanese army started defeating the Chinese army from Shanghai and captured their capital Beijing. In 1938, China plunged its Yellow River to the fence, and China did not get enough time to handle it, but still it did not stop Japan. It was a small war between the middle Soviet Union and Japan, but the people became more busy on their border.

Germany and Italy were becoming strong in Europe and in 1938 Germany invaded Austria, yet other European countries did not protest much of it. Encouraged by this, Hitler attacked the Sattenland which is the western part of Czechoslovakia and where German speakers spoke more. France and England took this matter lightly and from Germany where Germany promised them that they will not attack anymore. But Germany did not fulfill this promise, and in conjunction with Hungary, in 1939, captured the entire Czechoslovakia.

The city of Danzig, which was separated from Germany after World War I, was given to Poland and was operating by a world-class organization named League of Nations, which was established after the First World War. When Hitler thought of capturing this city, France and Germany agreed to give Poland support for their independence. And when Italy attacked Albania, this support was given to Romania and Greece. The Soviet Union also tried to join hands with France and England, but Western countries refused to take it as they suspected the intention and potential of the Soviet Union. Italy and Germany, after the aid of France and England to Poland, have also compromised Pact of Steel that they are completely in agreement with each other.

The Soviet Union understood that France and England did not like it and if Germany would attack it, then France and England would not be with it, then it would not be able to attack Germany with the non-aggression pact Signed and secretly included the agreement to interconnect Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe.

In September 1939, the Soviet Union expelled Japan from its border and at the same time Germany attacked Poland. France, England and Commonwealth countries also attacked Germany, but this attack was not very large, only France did a small attack on Saarland, which was a state of Germany. After the announcement of the ceasefire with the Soviet Union of Japan, he himself attacked Poland. By October 1939, Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union. In the meantime, Japan attacked an important city of China, the Shanghasa, but China drove them out. After the invasion of Poland, the Soviet Union gave its forces to the Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania). When the Soviet Union attacked on November 1, 1939, when the Soviet Union attacked, the war which was known as Winter War lasted four months and Finland lost some of its land and signed the Moscow Peace Treaty with the Soviet Union under which its Freedom will not be taken off but the land of Finland occupied by the Soviet Union will have to be abandoned, in which Finland had 12 percent of its birth and its second largest Everyone involved Yworg.

France and England made an excuse to join the Soviet Union's attack on Finland in the Second World War and met with Germany and tried to get the Soviet Union out of the League of Nations. China had an opportunity to stop the attempt because it was a member of the League of Nations. But he did not join this proposal because neither he wanted to keep himself away from the Soviet Union nor from the Western forces. The Soviet Union got angry with this and stopped all the help from China to get help. In June 1940, the Soviet Union occupied three Baltic countries.

World War II and India

At the time of World War II, British was occupied by India. Therefore, India officially declared war in 1939 against Nazi Germany. The British Raj (Slave India) sent more than two million soldiers to the war, who fought a war against the Axis forces under British control. Apart from this, all the indigenous princes provided a large amount of money to the British for the war.

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